About Us

As specialists in the import and distribution of various home and garden products into the SA market for over 20 years, we have seen some incredible offerings from suppliers all around the world – including local manufacturers in our own backyard – creating incredible products, but often times the depth of these offerings never reach our market.

Given our long-established relationships with world-class manufacturers across the home & garden space, we wanted to bring the South African consumer the ability to access and choose from products that we believe in. Products that we have in our own homes, and products that make everyday living that much better: always offering the best quality, at the right price, delivered to your door.

Beyond the product range, and equally as important to us, we want to offer you the highest levels of customer experience possible: we’ve taken the home-improvement shopping experience as you know it and shaken it up.

When you choose to shop with us you can expect a boutique-style online shopping experience executed by our in-house team: delivered with flair, efficiency, knowledge and professionalism from beginning to end. Every product that you see on our site is hand-picked by our team of sourcing experts to ensure that only products of the highest standards are on offer.

Your experience with us shouldn’t simply begin and end with the purchase of excellent product – we are here to offer as much convenience and value-add to your journey with us as possible. Tell us what you’re working on, how your project is coming along, where you’re stuck: we are here to help.

We place a weighty emphasis upon sustainability and mindful procurement – working with suppliers who share the same values as us, and encourage responsible consumption to protect our collective home: Earth.

HØLT: your home, improved.