124 products

    124 products
    Emily Wooden Screening Panel
    R 950.00
    Sold Out
    Framed Trellis Panel - Diamond
    from R 780.00
    Framed Trellis Panel - Square
    from R 780.00
    Eco Trellis
    from R 190.00
    Picket Fencing
    from R 160.00
    Picket Gates
    from R 290.00
    Domed Picket Fence (Set of 3)
    R 380.00
    Intingu Log Roll
    from R 200.00
    Square Log Roll Edging
    R 100.00
    Brown Grey
    Plastic Garden Border Edging 3.9m
    R 380.00
    Intingu Fence
    from R 275.00
    Natural Screening: Willow Fence
    from R 498.00
    Natural Screening: Peeled + Polished Reed Fence
    from R 298.00
    Green Brown
    Expanding Trellis
    from R 260.00
    Pot Trellis
    R 235.00
    Metal Trellis: Arrows
    from R 180.00
    Metal Trellis: Diamond
    from R 170.00
    Metal Border Edging
    R 58.00
    Brown White
    Plastic Garden Fence 3.2m
    R 280.00
    12" Green Hanging Basket + Coco Liner
    R 95.00
    12" Black Hanging Basket + Coco Liner
    R 95.00
    12" Flat Hanging Basket + Coco Liner
    R 95.00
    30cm Leaf Design Hanging Basket + Coco Liner
    R 125.00
    50cm Flat Coco Liner
    R 38.00
    30cm Wire Wall Basket + Coco Liner
    R 95.00
    30cm Flat Coco Liner for wall mounted basket
    R 38.00
    12" Green Bracket
    R 65.00
    12" Black Bracket
    R 65.00
    12" Scroll Bracket
    R 90.00
    Single Hook
    R 148.00
    Sold Out
    Glazed Pot
    from R 325.00
    Sold Out
    Terracotta Square Pot
    from R 300.00
    Sold Out
    Terracotta Cylinder Pot
    from R 300.00
    Souk Egg Pot Terracotta
    from R 180.00
    Terracotta Egg Saucer
    from R 48.00
    Round Terracotta Pot
    from R 198.00
    Terracotta Pot Feet
    R 30.00
    Stan Pot Grey Basalt
    from R 28.00
    Stan Saucer Grey Basalt
    from R 24.00
    Stan Pot Terracotta
    from R 28.00

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