29 products

    29 products
    Respana Table Greenhouse
    R 350.00
    Veggie Wall
    R 1,590.00
    Keter Full Bloom Garden Bed
    Sale price R 2,890.00 Regular price R 3,490.00 Save R 600
    Keter Maple Grow House
    Sale price R 2,490.00 Regular price R 2,990.00 Save R 500
    Grow table
    R 720.00
    Vertical Garden - Cascade Wall
    R 990.00
    Artisanal Wooden Planter Box - Large
    R 480.00
    Sold Out
    Artisanal Wooden Planter Box - Medium
    R 410.00
    Artisanal Herb Planter
    R 340.00
    Set of 2: Wooden Planters
    R 490.00
    Galvanised Steel Watering Can
    from R 195.00
    Galvanised Bucket - Twin handles
    from R 55.00
    Galvanised Steel Bucket
    from R 128.00
    Galvanised Storage Container
    R 220.00
    Billy Multipurpose Basket
    from R 110.00
    Respana Garden Tool Set
    R 270.00
    Eos Watering Can
    R 70.00
    Coubi Watering Can
    R 65.00
    SPRY Plant Sprayer
    R 90.00
    Plant Sprayer - Grey
    R 180.00
    Green Black
    Ancho Watering Can
    R 390.00
    Green Off-White
    Joey Watering Can
    R 150.00
    Lenn Glass Watering Can
    R 490.00
    Gardening Apron
    R 290.00
    Gardening Knee Cushion
    R 200.00
    Gardening Basket
    R 220.00
    Plant Labels (Set of 8)
    R 35.00
    Plant Labels (Set of 3) - Silver
    R 60.00
    Plant Labels (Set of 3) - Black
    R 30.00

    Let the home harvest begin: everything you need to grow your own herbs, veggies and edible flowers in your own home or garden. Shop planter boxes, mini greenhouses, and raised garden beds.

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